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Vision based Pick and Place application with rotary gripper

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This video presents a customer test setup in which small components are moved on a conveyor belt in a robot cell.

At the beginning of the video, we see how the small components are placed on the first conveyor belt. They are then transported into the robot cell. A camera strategically placed in the cell detects the exact position of the parts on the belt.

Once the camera has captured the coordinates of the parts, this information is passed on to a delta robot mounted on top. This robot is equipped with a pneumatic rotary gripper that grips the parts precisely.

The delta robot then moves, controlled by the coordinates provided by the camera, and always places the parts in the same orientation on the second conveyor belt.

The video ends with a close-up of the parts properly placed on the second conveyor belt. This process demonstrates the precision and efficiency of the robotic cell in handling small components.

To summarize, this video is an excellent representation of the application of modern robotic technology in manufacturing and assembly. It shows how efficient and accurate handling of small components can be achieved through the use of cameras, delta robots and pneumatic rotary grippers.

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